Frequently Asked Questions

Zentoshi is the literal and authentic embodiment of two words. Zen is taken from our core ideal, Kaizen which means to always improve, to make the word Zen symbolizing improvement and stability. This is combined with Satoshi the founder of Bitcoin, symbolizing another disruption, but this time in crypto. Beyond just the name, Zentoshi is an organization with a mission to provide true progression for blockchain technology through the use of ServiceNode technology. SNaaS (ServiceNode as a Service) is being developed to provide infrastructure to dapps, core business infrastructure, internet services, and much more.
Community Driven, Kaizen Inspired.
Zentoshi’s main goal is to change the crypto space to become a more professional environment, filled with ethical behavior, and a friendly community. Zentoshi leads to serve as an example of what should be the standard. As such, Zentoshi is a legally registered company in the USA, abiding by the law, and assuming real responsibility and liability. By reinserting repercussions to actions, and not hiding behind anonymity, Zentoshi can hold itself accountable for its behavior and be the standard in this space.
The vision is a 5 year plan to mass adoption. Equipped with this, Zentoshi plans to become a microcosm incorporating brand extension. This begun with its already live platform with SunnyNode (sunnynode.com), and will continue by expanding its use case to a wide variety of platforms throughout the brand. Feel free to explore our plan for the rest of 2019 in the www.zentoshi.com roadmap.
Zentoshi is built from scratch by its very own developers. Zentoshi is the first to have successfully built a blockchain on bitcoin core v0.18 with duality in PoS/PoW, including being one of the few to have successfully integrated Dash Evo.
Zentoshi has been funded 100% by its own team members. That means everything from the website, whitepaper, sunnynode platform which also has its own website and technology, blockchain creation, discord management, marketing socials, BTT ANN, and graphics have whether been done by Team Members who believe in the mission, or freelance paid by by Zentoshi’s very own Team Members. We truly believe in leading by example, and how can we expect people to join us if we aren’t willing to be the first to invest in the vision. By pouring in our own hard work and money into this project, we hope to prove that we are genuine.
Our technique and operation is what sets us apart. The most common process of alt coins currently include these major red flags: To first fork some coin, and thus create no new technology that benefits or progresses blockchain technology. Second step, go live with that coin before creating any use case or purpose for that coin. Thirdly, create some grandeur dream, proclaiming you are going to go to the moon within the next few months, making wild claims such as “this is the best thing that has ever happened, we’re going to be the next bitcoin or replace bitcoin.” And last but not least, before even realizing an ounce of that dream, begin selling your coin at an insane volume with a very high pre-mine or raising money in a BTT ANN thread, generating hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars for a coin that has no purpose and is grasping for straws.
We have been building this coin's framework and technology Since 2018. Our blockchain is the first to be developed on bitcoin core v0.18 with Dash EVO implemented, and even allowing Proof of Stake and Proof of Work in duality, ensuring a bulletproof base for our core development of ServiceNode technology. Before going live with a utility sale, we created our first platform, using our very own investments and funds to provide a proof of concept to the project. We tested this use, and are now running over 70 instances hosted in this one platform (sunnynode.com). On top of all this, we have created a whitepaper portraying our plan for the coin, in detail, allowing our users to know exactly what they are buying in to, and have understood that this ambitious vision will take up to 5 years to realize. Even better is we’re not here to take your money in any odd funding rounds, where you receive nothing but anticipation and anxiety. We are business owners that are here to build a professional business, based on blockchain technology, employing our very own crypto to change the Crypto world away from these scam coins. Leading by example, this is how we are different.
Get started with Zentoshi by following us on our socials, downloading our wallet and giving the whitepaper a good read! We would like to reiterate that no coins should ever be left on an exchange as a means of storage so please be safe with your assets!
Signing up to our newsletter on our website www.zentoshi.com is the best way to stay up to date, as well as consistently checking our discord and socials.
Along with clickable buttons on www.zentoshi.com you can as well go to #links channel on our community discord to find all the links you need to find more information about Zentoshi.
Please contact our team member in charge of management, Vijay, and he will gladly set up a meeting to talk about how your skillset can be useful to our project along with any opportunities. Make sure to check #open-positions for any job listings we officially make.
You can find this list on our website, www.zentoshi.com by going to the microcosm page. There you will find descriptions of each of our projects we plan on creating, in order, and the ones that have already been created are clicking buttons leading to their corresponding sites.
This is the big question, how do I generate another stream of revenue? The how-to component of this question is coupled with a variance of answers. First is just having Zentoshi Coins. Typical to your general methods, by simply mining or staking, you are creating new coins which can be saved up, or sold to other potential users of our platforms. As well as other benefits of having ZENX comes with discounted price for services on our platforms, a coin with constant upward pressure created from an ever growing microcosm, and being enlisted in Zentoshi VIP. Second is running a Zentoshi Node, this is where it gets interesting. You can run a ZentoshiNode that privatizes our blockchain in exchange for service fees paid to the operators. The uniqueness come’s in utilizing service node technologies. At this point ZentoshiNodes can be run to power many services across our platforms, in which operators are compensated for their usage. Sunnynode will be selling the first method as a package integrated with the tools to create a passive income by running our infrastructure node through your ZentoshiNode. The current roadmap has us set for creating GSP our Gaming Server provider. This will have a symbiotic relationship with Sunnynode, and those running infrastructure nodes that will provide supplemental support to GSP will find themselves at an even better position. Ultimately this will also create the second use case for ZentoshiNodes, which is operating servers for games, and receiving payment for this.
A ZentoshiNode is classified as a two-part system. First, there is a primary ZentoshiNode which is the gateway to the Zentoshi Network. A Primary is utilized for the privatization of transactions in the Zentoshi Coin network, and furthermore is a gateway to run Secondary ZentoshiNodes. Secondary’s run the infrastructure of our internet services outside of the digital currency. Connecting to the primary for its ability of network acceptance and billing, the secondary is powered up and presented to the Zentoshi Network. These Secondary Nodes are what allows the unique utilization of the Zentoshi Microcosm, mainly for resources among Zentoshi’s internet service platforms. Some of these platforms include the GSP [Gaming Server Provider] to run servers for games, or SunnyNode to run VPS’s and infrastructure nodes. Then through the ServiceNode explorer, the secondary directly sends utility compensation for that usage to the primary collateral address.
5000 ZENX is the value for ZentoshiNode collateral. However, we have plans to enable the deployment of a ZentoshiNode with a wide range of collateral due to the nature of our ServiceNode technology.
Do not despair, Zentoshi plans on building technology to be able to run a ZentoshiNode at any coin amount, with primary rewards being subjected to a percentage reduction based on the difference from the original requirement.
You can stake Zentoshi coins by sending an amount of coins in a transaction to yourself and enabling staking in the wallet. This can be done by adding “Staking=1” to your wallet configuration file. Currently to stake you must keep your wallet running on your desktop. In the future, you will be able to stake your coins via the ZentoshiBank.
Zentoshi Coin is utilized throughout the Zentoshi microcosm through a variety of platforms and used to pay for services across our network. Users who wish to pay in Zentoshi Coin will receive special discounting for our services and products, plus an inclusion to the Zentoshi VIP program to gain benefits and privileges in our community.
Please visit sunnynode.com, we offer support management coupled with VPSes, all you need to do is buy our package and we will handle all the work.
Feel free to contact us through email using our contact us page, or contacting us through Ticket Tim by making a ticket in our discord.
Go in any of our channels and use any of the Ticket Tim Bot commands: Normal Commands -help Show the help menu -about Get to know me Ticket Commands -new [subject] Create a new ticket -close [reason] Close the ticket you're currently in -add <@user> [#channel] Add a user to a ticket -info Get the info of a ticket
Yes, Zentoshi is open to partnerships with projects and coins that hold the same ideal.
There is a contact form on our website (www.zentoshi.com) going on the contact us header, please fill out the form. We respond to all of our emails within 48 hours, if for some reason you have not received an email back please contact COO, Jon.
Message our COO Jon, or CEO Michael to talk about being listed under our coin, whether you have a project idea that needs funding and a team to bring it to fruition or a project that already exists that wish to assimilate.
Please make a formal request through our website Contact form, and one of our team members will respond to you within 72 hours in regards to fees and process.